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A three speed powered sub-floor vent that removes stale, damp air from beneath your house.

The condition of the air space beneath a home can impact on mould and fungi growth, termite action and even household allergies and respiratory problems.

Poor sub-floor air circulation provides a conducive environment for the breeding and activity of termites. It can also give rise to stale and musty odours which permeate into living areas.

To improve sub floor air quality and reduce humidity levels beneath the floor, Bradford Ventilation's ecoFAN’s high flow rate exhausts damp air from your subfloor helping to protect your family and your home.


The aim of improving sub floor ventilation is to replace highly humid, and possibly odorous, sub floor air with less humid and clean external air. The drier external air, in turn, helps to absorb moisture from the soil as it contacts the surface during flow.

ecoFAN can be installed in the sub-floor brickwork or wall and replacement air holes placed into the opposite wall. The ecoFAN will exhaust air from the sub floor while replacement air will enter from the breather holes causing a cross flow ventilation pattern.

The fan is set to exhaust mode, but the fan and motor housing can be simply reversed to allow new ecoFAN to convert to an air inlet ventilator.


  • Highly effective removal of subfloor damp and odours
  • Very low running costs – continuous operation cost as low as $13 a year (based on 21c/kWh)
  • High flow rates
  • Reversible flow direction
  • Easy and safe to install – No electrician required
  • Designed to run in moist environments
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be easily painted to compliment your home
  • Manufactured from tough, injection moulded UV stable polymers
  • Attractive louvre design
  • Variable Speed operation - speed controller allows three fixed speeds selection, ensuring only the right amount of flow is set to suit the severity of the conditions
  • Dual functionality option to either exhaust or supply air
  • 24VDC high efficiency electronic commutating German motor - runs 24/7
  • Operating noise levels as low as 33dB(A) (low speed setting).


  • Throat diameter: 250mm
  • Motor: 30W, 24VDC
  • Flow rate p=0: Min: 275m3/h Max: 730m3 /h
  • Line voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Warranty – 2 Years.


Available in White and Brown